Marie Curie Highland Online Auction

Every day and night, Marie Curie frontline nurses are giving vital care and support to dying people and their families, in their homes and our hospices across the UK. At this time of national emergency, these crucial services are needed more than ever. Unlike lots of other charities, we can’t just turn off our taps until the situation improves. We’ve committed to our NHS partners that we will be there to deliver care, and we’ve got to continue to do this.

At a time when our patients desperately need us, we’re facing a devastating loss of funds, with all the usual fundraising channels all but dried up. Please help Marie Curie Nurses continue to provide frontline care at this unprecedented time of need.

Do encourage your friends to join you in bidding ! The auction runs from 3rd – 10th July.

Click on the browse button below and help us raise funds for our wonderful Marie Curie Nursing Service.


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marie curie urgent appeal

If you would like to donate direct to emergency appeal please follow this link Marie Curie Emergency Appeal

Thank you to all our hugely generous donors who have given so readily in support of our event.